Surya Diamonds

Surya diamonds has an internal ethical board which decides and certifies the gemstone after procurement and testing at various levels in the internal gem testing lab.

Surya Institute Of Gemology

Surya diamonds & Surya institute of gemology conducts free Gemology awareness seminars every fortnight in different cities and towns according to the demand and modern market requirements.

Events & Field Trips

Surya institute of gemology conducts educational and business field trips for its student’s, who successfully completed all the courses and practical examinations. The main reason behind conducting periodical field


Our Latest Project

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What our clients say


Srinivas has come forward to take the opportunity to provide the gemology knowledge to common people at their feet. My blessings & heartily congratulations to him for his great work

Kapilavayi Vijaya Kumar, President, AP Jewellery Association

DSC_0737Education revel secrets. focus on work with proper knowledge before that train properly through the gemology education the great education. Many thanks to Srinivas

Anil Poddar, President, North Karnataka Jewellery Association

If we want to avoid synthetic & treated gemstones from the market we must need gemology education. Great thanks to Srinivas.

Raghavendra Mailapur, President, Gulbarga Jewellery Association

DSC04236Gemology is rare education, every gemstones dealer and jewellery showroom owner must learn gemology before you deal with gemstones. I really appreciate the Srinivas efforts on same.

Perla Sambamurthy . President, Vizag Jewellery Association

DSC03659On my experience gemology is precious then engineering. The services is providing by Srinivas is extraordinary. Many thanks to  srinivas.

KJS Prasad, President Bezawada Bullion Merchants association

DSC02216Gemology education is necessary to every related business people. In gemology technical knowledge is most crucial at present.

Nagasarapu Subbaraya Guptha , President , Narasarao pet Jewellery Association