1.Jewelry Business Owner:

Becoming a jewelry entreprenuer is the most preferred profession for the out going graduates. This is becoming self independent by starting a small shop or showroom to medium sized show room. If invested more in this field you create a most trusted brand on the high street. How ever the course gives all round fundamentals and tools for DSC05745practice. Jewllery business owner can earn far more than any other profession if he practices ethical business practices. E.g: Joyalukkas , Kalyan Jewellers , TBZ etc.

2.Gem and Jewelry Buyer :

Gem and Jewllerly Buyer is one of the key jobs in this field. This helps in building greater connections and full fledged business network. Trust in the market is most important in this profession. You will be having a mobile business , where you travel the most in this business and sell higher value goods and check the quality and value of the gem etc

3.Diamond Manufacturer:

Diamond manufacturing is one of the lucarative and precision engineering of a diamond. This starts from the source of the rough diamond in the mines to the manufacturing point . The dimaond manufacturing involves several process and time taking skill. This has several job oppurutntinities. Altough its a manufacturing job , it has enormous amount of oppurtunities in any multinational brand. This is an industrial process after procuring raw material and getting those rough and natural diamond stones to the manufacturing hub. Heavy machinery is also involved in this process and thus has great demand of job oppurutnities.

4.Lab and Research Professional:

Lab and research professional is one of the main jobs and backbone in this industry. This requires lot of practical knowledge and hands on experience in handling the gems and jewellery in the back office of any multi national DSC04375company or small shop in a town. This is basically a tools and mind application. Where knowledge and equipment in the lab assesss the quality of the gem or jewllery piece. Most part of the valuation and certification will be done by this bench worker in the back end office.


Gemologist Appraiser® certification mark is the most highly respected designation in the Gems and Jewelry appraisal profession. Evaluate gemstones, antique and contemporary jewelry, and fine watches. Write detailed descriptions and determine valuation.

In order to qualify for the MGA, an individual must meet all the following requirements:

  • Have Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) status in the society
  • Be a Graduate Gemologist from any recognised gemology institute  hold the designation of Fellow, Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA) or similar approved gemological designation
  • Own or be employed by an owner of an ASA-registered gemological laboratory
  • Pass the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-hue test for color discrimination
  • Successfully complete the Master Gemologist Appraiser Program.
  1. Auction House Jewelry Specialist :

Jewellery and diamond auctions are the most famous and prestigious way’s of selling jewellery and antique pieces worldwide. This profession has a great respect and graduate can work in a big valued brand with highest paid salaries. This requires core knowledge of valuation and assessing the value of the product. Smartness and intellectuality plays a key role in this profession. Examples for the global famous auction houses are Christies, Sotheby’s etc.

7.Staff Gemologist:

Staff gemologist is one of the wide spread profession. This area has lot of vacancies throughout the world. This also includes professional and as well as retails customer services. Staff gemologist generally refers to in-house gemologist. This profession may have multiple tasks.

8.Instructor :

Instructing or teaching gemology is a lucrative field. This is the basis of gemology and keeps on training and producing many more gemologists. Instruction profession can have multiple tasks of entering into many other fields. This includes company visits, conferences, and consulting for major clients.

9.Colored Stone Dealer :

Colour stone dealer is a mobile profession and has to keep on travelling mostly. In this profession you deal with many types of people could be a mining owner , buyer , seller , valuator and a professional gemologist. It takes a good career path in terms of managing a supply chain and make sure both parties come to a deal. This professional may require both knowledge and skill to complete a deal properly whether big or small.

10.Buyer :DSC04257

Buyer is generally a common profession. In this profession there are two things one is investing money and stocking the gems etc and other side is distributing. Buyer generally buys from the miner directly and sell them to the local jewllery chain in his area. He is also often called as dealer , but may not have multiple connections. Monitor industry and consumer trends and seek out gems and finished jewelry pieces to sell profitably.

11.CAD/CAM Technician :

Technical part of the profession. Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacturing is core computing and designing work. This is a modern day business demand. This requires both fundamental and advanced gemology as a well as specialisaed certificates in computer aided design programmes. Designing diamond shapes on the computer using tools. This is an important and patentable work of any company. It requires standardized learning and highly paid job.

12.Designer :

Designing jewellery is one of the creative things that has a huge demand and revenues of any retailer are directly linked to this profession. Most of the time the market share of the company is directly related to designing according to the requirement of the client. This is hugely demanding and requires creative minds. Designer has a greater demand in the business. Upgrading timely desigining skills and getting market ready would really help a lot.

13.Jeweller :

Jeweller is a very common profession in todays society. Most of them are prepared themselves as jewellers by either family back ground as being jewllers since their ancesterial or any other field related professionals wanted to become a jewellery specialist. Diamond jeweller’s are the most common jeweller’s in this industry. This again requires trust and brand value to reach pinnacle in the market.

14.Manufacturer :

Manufacturer in terms of ownership or entrepreneurship or a local bench manufacturer. It depends on the connections in the market and amount of investment made into the BVR_3395business. This has two types natural gems or synthetic gems. So you can choose which ever best suits you.

15.Product Developer :

Product developing or innovating a product with different characteristics and design engineering.This also may refer to identifying a new gem and valuating it. This is done mainly through field research. It can be mostly a choice with innovative and historic research minds.

16.Retail Sales:

Share your customers’ happiest moments and inspire team members to achieve their greatest potential in this fast-paced environment. A career in retail jewelry sales can be rewarding, exciting, and lucrative.


Import and sell diamonds, colored stones, cultured pearls, finished jewelry, and watches from locations around the world. This also requires major global connections. Wholesaler’s come through many good experiences and they know many sources of where the natural and synthetic things come from. Whole saler could be a choice depends on the vision in the career ahead.