At Surya institute of gemology we offer colour stone grading and pricing course. The student is taken into the fascinating world of gemstones by practical training on identification of a huge variety of natural coloured gemstones from all over the world and in renowned gem mining places.

The in-house practical laboratory is equipped with professional gem testing instruments on which you will learn the identification of coloured gemstones. This course provides students with grounding in the assessment of color, clarity and cut for a large number of colored gemstones, emphasizing how such factors affect their values in an ever changing marketplace.

The opportunity for extensive practice is pDSC09422rovided through institutes vast sample collection, which includes a wide-range of gem varieties and qualities.

Distinguish between types of Coloured gem stones:

  1. Synthetic
  2. Imitation
  3. Treated and natural gemstones

Study and research about fundamentals of coloured gem stones and their optical characteristics. Practical Gemology goes one step further, explaining how to use the tools of gemology & processing information supplied. This is the essence of colour stone grading.

Identification Process:

  • Identification of all species and varieties of gemstones.
  • Origin certification for Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire.
  • Identification of natural v/s synthetic and stimulants of gemstones.
  • Identification of treated/enhanced gemstones/diamonds.
  • Identification of CVD/HPHT synthetic Diamonds.
  • Identification of HPHT and electron beam treatments on diamonds.
  • Identification of Beryllium treatment in Yellow Sapphire, Led Glass filling in Ruby, Resin filling in Emerald.

For gemstone certification surya institute of gemology has been a one stop shop in the place to be reckoned for unbiased and comprehensive analysis of gemstone quality. SIG is one of the Indias most respected and recognized gemmological laboratories.

Laboratory Experience:

At Surya institute of gemology the laboratory experiences are based on hand’s on practical instruments in step-by-step process of distinguishing the coloured stones. A guide will be handy all the time in the lab to help each and every student to learn and understand each and every practical protocol.

  • Observation of external featureDSC04139s (cut, colour, fractures, etc.) of gemstones using a 10x lens.
  • Observation of external symmetry, surface marks and cleavage of various crystals and their identification.
  • To determine the specific gravity by hydrostatic weighing method and by using heavy liquids.
  • Measurement of refractive indices and birefringence tests using a gem-testing refractometer.
  • Detection of double refraction, interference figures and internal strain with the polariscope.
  • Detection of double refraction, by observing pleochroic colours with the dichroscope and 10x lens. Identification of gemstones on the basis of pleochroic colours;
  • Study of the absorption spectra of various gemstones using a direct vision spectroscope.
  • Study of the fluorescent colours exhibited by various gemstones under ultraviolet (long wave and short wave) light.
  • Observation of the internal features of various natural and synthetics gemstones with a microscope.
  • Use of colour filters in detecting synthetic gemstones.
  • Identification of unknown gemstones using the above techniques. During the course each student individually practices and handles hundreds of gemstones.
  • Visual Identification of various gemstones by its crystal system and other external properties.
  • Various types of cuts and introduction to how to cut gemstones.
  • Detection of treatments on gemstones.
  • Determination of origin of gemstones.
  • An exposure to Advanced instruments such as Raman Spectroscope, FTIR, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Fluorimeter, Diamond View etc.

Examination System:

Every student has to undergo the following examination system to obtain credits

  1. Theory Part – 50 Marks ( Pass with 35 marks )
  2. Practical Part – 100 Marks ( Pass with 100/100 marks )