Surya Diamonds is your honest and reliable source for rough and cut gemstones. Our business is to select and facet the perfect stone to fit our customers need. We take great pride in our top quality faceted gemstones. Each design is selected to match the natural occurring shape of the rough stone.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, garnets, cat eyes, moonstones and other colored stones can only sparkle with the right cut.  We strive for quality with state-of-the-art gem cutting equipments. We guarantee you satisfaction.BVR_3214

Gems cutting and polishing are mostly manual tasks and sometimes machine made processes. These cutting and polishing processes are mainly used to smoothen and bring shape for various types of gem stones which come in the rough forms directly from the mines. There are various cutting styles and polishing styles used in preparing a perfect gemstone using laboratory equipment.

There are various types of cutting styles.

  1. Brilliant Cut – Triangle or kite shapes, common in diamonds.
  2. Step Cut – Facets are cut in squares or rectangles and arranged in steps.
  3. Mixed Cut – Common style in Bangkok where immense cutting industry exists.
  4. Native Cutting – Sri Lankan fashioned gems cutting style.
  5. Cabochon Cut –No facet’s at all, old fashioned style and completely smooth dome.
  6. Tumbled – Irregular and external shape, mostly uneven and smooth surface.
  7. Scissors Cut – Scissors cut is a series of long triangular and kite shaped facets on rectangular stone.
  8. Fancy Cut – Other cutting styles ( customised cutting )
  9. Uncut – Natural or irregular Crystal shape.
  10. Common shapes include ( round , oval , pear , marquise , heart , square , square emerald, square cushion , baguette , tapered baguette , rectangle , octagonal emerald , cushion , triangle).