Surya institute of gemology take a leading part in India to conduct free gemology awareness seminars throughout the India and we conduct gemology educational and business field trips for the jewellers, gemstone dealers and aspiring gemologists.

This is giving once in a life time experience for them with gem mine owners , gem dealers , gem distributors, gem wholesalers , gem retailers in the main markets in the world.

Free Gemology Awareness seminars:

Surya institute of gemology took a bold responsibility after conducting research and got the feedback that most of the gemstones in the societies which are sold by jewellers and gemstone dealers to the customers are mostly treated gemstones and synthetic gemstones. After learning that both the merchant and customers don’t have knowledge and are not aware on this situation.

We started conducting many more awareness free seminars in most of the leading cities and towns and are happy that many jewellery associations in major cities requested us to conduct these types of events. Thus creating more awareness in the society. We have been more successful in this mission since past few years and looking forward to conduct more regular events.

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Educational and Business field trips:

Surya institute of gemology conducts a field trip event regularly for its trained students and who have successfully passed out of the institution. These are conducted regularly on the batch wise to make sure to deliver good live knowledge and experience.

I myself after successfully completing education from Asian Institute of gemological sciences-Bangkok and Gemological institute of America was taken to various field trips at locations of importance in gemology and gemstone mines. I myself experienced these trips whenever i have a chance and possibilities.

I visited many GEM CUTTING & POLISHING FACTORIES, GEM& JEWELLERY MAKING FACTORIES. I felt it is very important for a GEM TRADER as well GEM TRAINER to have a good experience and learning during their course of time and after their course has finished.

The main goal behind this field trip is to be more responsible in conducting good gemstone business and ethical business by selling high quality gemstones for customers.

As per my knowledge in the Indian subcontinent there are only 1% of the traders or merchants who buy the best quality of gemstones directly from the source.

The remaining 99% of the merchants buy these stones from people who bring these stones in a suitcase from alipuri, kayalpatinam, Jaipur and some from abroad and sell them in the local market.

Thus the buyer doesn’t have any knowledge on what he is buying. When the customer buys the gemstone from these buyers they feel that it’s of good quality, but it is not. There are several reasons behind merchants being fooled, due to lack of knowledge, language problem etc. These types of field trips gives these merchants to get live experience and know more about the source of gem stones and get connected with gem mine owners, distributors and dealers etc.

This field trip event will definitely be a game changer and can improve transparency in your business and open new opportunities for trade and ethical business.004 copy