Surya Diamonds & Surya Institute of Gemology



Surya diamonds was started in a prestigious way in the heart of today’s new capital city of Guntur, in the sunrise state of coastal Andhra Pradesh. It started as a gemstones trading company with an extraordinary high street showroom.



Brand value of surya diamonds has quickly became a household name through the major cities of Andhra Pradesh gaining customers trust more quickly.



Being successfull and gaining customers trust within two years of inception and growing demand for quality and best of people, surya diamonds early recognised the importance for establishment of institute in gemology. This became the game changer and lead to birth of surya institute of gemology.



Both institutions , trading and education being successful and growing interest of jewellers and gemstone dealers want to pursue gemology and become professional gemologists made us to think innovatively to create a mobile education system by travelling to various cities and towns in India .Thus the first training has been successfully implemented in the  city of narsaraopet on January 20,2013. Yet we reached the third milestone.



Our mobile education system has been expanding to various cities and towns and major places in Andhra Pradesh by rapidly expanding with high demand. We started covering two south Indian states simultaneously and very successfully with good alumni.



Surya institute of gemology has entered into the neighbour state of Karnataka for the first time to train more gemologists and has been successful in conducting many seminars and training sessions in Karnataka.



Our founder chairman of surya diamonds & surya institute of gemology has been awarded the wonder book of world records for being highest qualified gemologist in India and conducing highest number of free gemology awareness seminars in the world.