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Synthetic & treated Gem Identification course gives a basic introduction to Synthetic and Treated gems. Considering the heavy demand from the industry and general public, Surya institute of gemology has designed short term courses for identification of gemstones, treatments, as well as further education courses in Gemmology.

Having a collection of over a thousand rough and cut stones, this course offers students a rare opportunity to examine the entire major synthetic and treated gem varieties found within the marketplace.

Being able to identify synthetic and,  especially, treated materials is a vital aspect of the modern gem and jewelry industry and many gem dealers have lost large sums of money by buying such stones as natural Gem stones.

Key areas of exposure:

Diamonds are one of the most unique minerals to be present on Earth. With their incredible hardness and unparalleled shine, diamonds have made their way to not only the top of industries but top of consumer markets. But while they may be a nice luxury to enjoy for some, many steps of their journey to jewelry results in negative impacts in the environment and society. As more attention is brought to these issues, one can only hope that more light will be shed as to how to fix these problems and leave a brighter future for not only the diamonds, but this planet.