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Surya diamonds conducts free Gemology awareness seminars every fortnight in different cities and towns according to the demand and modern market requirements. The main reason for this free awareness seminar is to promote knowledge and to make sure each and every enthusiastic person who attends the seminar is welcomed to world of gemology and understands the fundamentals of the basic gemology. We invite jewellers, gemstone dealers , astrologer’s ,general public and even unemployed people to make sure the doors are open to new business opportunities in the field of gemology. Surya diamonds conducts a full knowledge based seminar in new city or town for a gathering of professional or aspiring gemologists. This seminar is purely free of cost and is valued at INR 5000.00. This is given free cost to make sure all people who want to know about the world of gemology and get information on advanced gemology. The seminar contains major subjects and module’s introduction and benefits of the course and profession in advanced gemology. Surya diamonds is a leading supplier of precious gemstones focused on Indian market in all 29 states by strategically expanding its operations. We travel directly to the mines to bring the finest and quality gemstones. We also offer consulting services and assistance in astrology, palmistry, numerology, vasthu and gem testing, and specialized training in gemology.

The key highlights of every seminar are :

  1. What is gemology? How the gems are made? How do we find out gems?
  2. How many types of shapes and cutting styles are there in gems?
  3. In which countries deferent types of gems are available?
  4. How do we find fake gems?
  5. What are the gem testing labs? How many types of tests are conducted on gems in lab?
  6. How to use different types of equipments? How many types are there in gem testing report?
  7. How should the real quality measurements be in gem testing report?
  8. Which contains should we take when we purchase diamonds?
  9. What is the meaning and importance of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight in diamonds (4c’s)?
  10. How to decide the cost of diamonds?
  11. What is the meaning and use of rapaport in diamonds? How to calculate the price with that rapaport?
  12. If we went to learn gemology in which places gemology trainings are available in the world wide?
  13. Which types of courses are available at them? What is the duration period? How much does it cost?
  14. How the employment opportunities and uses are there by learning gemology?
  15. How the pearls are farmed and how many types are there?
  16. How the corals are made and how many types are there?
  17. Most valuable information is available on deferent types of aspects on gems and diamonds?
  18. The specialization is this seminar are to extract the gems from the mines, find out, cutting and polishing?
  19. Its explained by power point presentation and it is shown especially by the videos
  20. You can clarity any doubt about gems through this conference
The specialty of Advanced Gemology

We want to make so many people to become gemology scholars in every city so we take historical decision with the most efforts and give training with international standards with the efficient gemology scholars. So we give training with the contemporary equipments which are brought from abroad and thousands of rarely quality gems collected from the mines in the world wide .we come to your town and give special training to you in the telugu and the English languages from 6 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm with low cost in your convenient timings without disturbing your job and business transactions. We are proud to say that in a short span we give training on gemology in so many cities and help in their economical development.

Where are the major institutes in INDIA to learn gemology?

These are very rare courses and only very few educational institutes are providing this type of courses in the world .The most valuable instruments which used in this courses are thousands of gem stones are collected from the various countries and teaching faculty are very rare. So these courses are very costly these are available in mumbai-3,delhi-2,pune-1,jaipur-2,surat-2,hyderabad-3,in our country .The duration period of one course is for 3 to 4 months and 4 hours per day, the fees is at least rs 50,000 for each one course , if you want to learn this course you have to stay in that city itself your money is spent for your staying per month rs 15,000/- for 4 month’s total cost is rs 60,000 and course fees is rs 50,000/- ,totally it will cost rs 110,000/-.in this 4 month’s duration your all works is disturbed, your development is lamed, you have to be away from your family, job, business and your all responsibility’s .these courses are taught only Hindi and English languages. There could be a problem for normal people who don’t know multiple languages and they could face multiple issues in communication with each and every new terms of the courses.

Gemology course details

Only we ourselves provide these 4 types of courses and teach available contemporary information to the students and business magnets.

  1. Gem identification course.
  2. Synthetic gem identification course.
  3. Diamonds 4 c’s course.
  4. Colorstone grading and pricing course.

We teach these courses theoretically & practically with conducting exams and present the most available gemology certificates .they are recognised as a certified gemologists from the day onwards in the society who completed this course. You can have a responsibility and power to test and certify and gem. Even it 80% fake gems rule in this society, people have quality gem with certificate .it is very helpful to those who want to wear quality gems.

Specialists of our gemology

Mr Srinivas who is the most distinguished specialists in America .he is the only person who read all the courses on gemology in Bangkok. He gives training on gemology to so many people in this society and makes them the greatest specialists on gemology with the aspect of providing quality gems to the people from the fake gems. This course is taught with the utmost experience and modern technology .this organisations director is the women gemologist Mrs. Siva parvathi .she teaches gemology in Telugu and gives training to women and makes them specialists in gemology.

The Benefit’s of learning gemology

Anyone can learn this gemology without any educational qualifications and age. You can settle in the society with respect, recognition and the highest position .this is most useful course to the house wife’s, astrologers, unemployed people, business magnets, gold smiths, business magnets of gems who want to start a business and gems newly and who want to establish a gem testing lab .women and men have so many job opportunities in jewellery showroom. You can get a job as a certified gemologist in a gem testing lab, after establishing gem testing labs you can get good profits, after completion of gem business also you can get good profits. After choosing special gems you can start a wholesale and retail business, astrologers can do their gem business along with the astrology from where they are like this we can certify different sorts of gem and provide to the people. In the present situation gem experts are very rare when the fake gems ruling the society .so we hope everyone can use this opportunity and utilise this.