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A gemstone, often known as a gem, is a mineral that is cut and polished into jewellery or other ornaments. Certain rocks and biological materials that aren't minerals, on the other hand, are frequently used in jewelry and are thus classified as gemstones. Another feature that contributes to a gemstone's value is its rarity.

  1. Optical features such as luster, luminescence or low-temperature light emission, dispersion of light which is the separation of distinct wavelengths of light, refractive index and absorption spectrum are all characteristics of gems. Physical qualities such as specific gravity, hardness, cleavage type, and breakage of the material without separation of the parts are also used to classify gemstones.
  2. Every stone has an astrological relevance, know it before you wear it.
  3. Wearing gemstones help in diminishing the inauspicious effect of the planets. Each planet is determined by a specific gemstone and worn after carefully examining a person's horoscope. And if one wears a mix of gemstones they can face a lot of problems in life. Let’s know about the gemstones one should not combine together.
  4. Being able to identify synthetic and,  especially, treated materials is a vital aspect of the modern gem and jewelry industry and many gem dealers have lost large sums of money by buying such stones as natural Gem stones.