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Basic Diamond Grading Tools To identify and grade diamonds, whether as a professional or hobbyist, you’ll need tweezers, a loupe, a microscope, and the right lighting. Two other very important pieces of equipment you’ll need are a spectroscope and a refractometer.

Diamond Tester

The diamond tester is a simple electronic device that can distinguish between a natural diamond and a simulant. Generally speaking, they tend to provide accurate results regarding the authenticity of a diamond. However, there are exceptions. Since they rely on thermal conductivity, they may mistake a synthetic moissanite for a natural diamond.

How does a diamond tester works:

A diamond tester works by measuring the rate at which heat passes through a stone. This is thermal conductivity. If you place the tip of the tester on the stone, it will measure the thermal conductivity and give you an electronic reading. Recall that natural diamonds have very high thermal conductivity. (Their capacity to conduct heat is one reason they’re used in manufacturing). Therefore, measuring thermal conductivity with a diamond tester works well for distinguishing between…